Wellness Takes the Stage at International Spa Association Event

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Wellness Takes the Stage at International Spa Association Event

When you think of Spas, you think perhaps of a peel or a facial or perhaps a massage. More and more however spas are emphasizing wellness.

As health care and insurance coverage gets more complicated and expensive, people are searching for their own answers to get well and stay well. Why not give nature and your body a chance to naturally heal or adapt before choosing the path of increasingly expensive pharmaceuticals and procedures that come with a long list of side effects.

Wellness is defined as the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. So how do you actively pursue good health? Spas are now offering many answers to that question including meditation and mindfulness, dry salt therapy, sound therapy and many others.

Recently the International Spa Association held their East Coast media event and highlighted a few of the themes in the wellness space as well as some of the activities of their members. One theme was Machine vs Human Touch. In order for Wellness to scale affordably so providers can afford to provide and customers can afford to actively use these great new services, the price point must be affordable. Traditionally, spas have provided services that required a person often with a certification to provide a service such as massage. However, when a machine is involved, spas can provided many more sessions without hiring more and more people thereby keeping the costs down. Dry Salt Therapy is a great example. Customers can simply press a button and sit down for a typically 25-60 minute session and then press the button again when they are done. If Spas prefer a receptionist can press the buttons for the customer’s convenience but either way there is no need for a certified professional throughout the session. Other themes included customization and personalization of services as well as farm to table eating.

At the event, the ISPA also announced that for the first time in the history of the study, the total number of visits to spas rose above 180 million. The industry also continues to experience steady growth in overall revenue, locations and revenue per visit.

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